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Yum Foody Food Services Platform’s aim to bring all relevant information related to food industry under single umbrella like Bridge between suppliers, consultants & eateries, list of Institutes providing food technology course, technical and business articles, job opportunities and a discuss forum to share knowledge and information.

Alluraz Beauty Plateform

is a Web Platform for spreading alluring charm. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Alluraz will enrich you with the right information and knowledge through digital reach, for exhibiting an alluring and enchanting personality.

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The world belongs to people. Bangboxonline is about people you love to know. It is also about what makes people popular. If you can make a difference to the world, Bangboxonline is just the right place for you on the web where you can inspire others and get inspired. Join us and become a celebrity.

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Yumfoody by ESSYSTEM is First Pakistan Based Food Delivery Platform. We entered in the market about two and a half years ago with vision of putting an end to the discrimination and monopoly that is in the food market.  Now Yumfoody is offering discounts, So that we would lessen as much burden as we can from our native Pakistanis.
Yumfoody is Offering 5% discounts on the App orders. Download Yumfoody App now. The link is available in the description.

Arziyat By ESSYSTEM is a Real Estate Platform.We have Hundreds of Listed Properties, Houses and Appartments. Now Arziyat proudly presents a huge 10% discount on house for sale with an actual price of PKR 100,000,000/- Sohni Dharti is Offering the house at discounted price of PKR 90,000,000/- through amitiepower.
Keep in touch for more jaw breaking deals in the world of Real Estate and many other deals will also also follow suit.

ESdesire looks  forward to building relationships beyond business and financial transactions. For us, our clients are a window to serve the larger market. Thus, we look forward to improving our network of partners and well-wishers. Above all, ESdesire is about trust and loyalty, commitment and dedication. These are the essential character traits which fuel our ability.
ESdesire is offering 50% discount through amitiepower on Restaurant Management System (RMS).